About Tuzki

Tuzki is one of the top rising star characters on the internet. Tuzki, born on September 6, 2006, is a simple black and white line drawing of a bunny easily recognized as a quirky character on various instant messaging platforms. He is a silent but deeply philosophical character with a keen sense of mischief and a unique personality of his own. Tuzki's wide range of cheeky expressions and humorous body language gives people a vehicle to express their own, often hidden, emotions while his presence on multiple digital platforms, including instant messaging, social networks, games and mobile applications, has taken him across borders and made him a true icon of the internet generation.

Tuzki is now managed by TurnOut Ventures Limited, a joint venture between Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc. and Outblaze Investments Limited, established in Hong Kong in 2008. The purpose of this joint venture is to combine and leverage the partner companies’ strengths in content and game development, and functions as an incubator for market-leading new media content such as Tuzki.

To find out more about Tuzki, please send your request to infochina@turner.com.